South Baptist Church was organized on September 1, 1892 with 17 charter members drawn away from Broadway Baptist Church after the great fire.  On March 1, 1895 Rev. J. F. Gregory was called as Pastor.  Land was purchased at the corner of Cass Ave. and Marsac St. and the construction on the present house of worship was begun. The first service in the present house of worship was held on December 25, 1895. During the next 10 years the church  called 6 different pastors to lead this struggling body of believers.  During this time the members of the church became scattered, discouraged and instructed the trustees to sell the property.  But it was not to be.
In March of 1904 Rev. F. W. Kamm began as Pastor of South.  The following February, the church was rededicated having about 40 members.  Rev. Kamm led the church until 1925, when Daniel H. Trombley, an original charter member who had left the church, came back, and with much work and prayer brought about the reorganization of the church.  It prospered and Sunday School attendance soared to an average of 135!
In 1946, under the leadership of Pastor Marshall Hier, the church building was improved with the front addition, making room for Sunday School classes and auditorium seating. The platform was moved from the south-east corner to the center of the auditorium.  Kitchen improvements and other alterations were made during this time also. 
1962-1970 Pastor Elmer Ubbink was called as Pastor and remained 7 years.  He and his wife Mary Jane were called into the Jewish Mission field in California.
1971-1977 Pastor Lloyd Early served as pastor of the church. During his pastorate the house to the east of the church was purchased and used for Sunday School classes.  Later this house would be torn down and a much needed parking lot was added.
1978-1982 Rev. William Terry Wright served as Pastor.
1983-1996 Pastor Brian Cuddie fresh out of Grand Rapids Baptist Seminary was called as Pastor. During Pastor Cuddie’s ministry various projects were undertaken including: remodeling of the kitchen, ceiling fans and new speaker system in the sanctuary and the paving of the parking lot. It was also during Pastor Cuddie’s ministry that Lennie and Kathy Zink were led of the Lord to become missionaries with Child Evangelism Fellowship and were commissioned by the church. Pastor Cuddie had a heart for ministry and a love for God’s people. The church was blessed and many were added to the church and grew in the Lord as a result of his 13 years of ministry.
In 1996, the church called Pastor Dan Warren to serve as Pastor of the church.  Under the leadership of Pastor Dan Warren a unique youth ministry was begun reaching the many young people in the neighborhood of the church.  As a result of this ministry  the need for a Youth Pastor became very apparent.  Through much prayer and God’s leading Tim Dulaney was welcomed as the Youth Pastor on a part time basis.  On September 12, 2004 Mark Kirkpatrick began to help lead the youth ministry alongside Tim Dulaney, following his graduation from Crown College in Powell, TN.  Also during Pastor Dan Warren’s ministry at the church, many building improvements were made, including the remodeling of the front of the auditorium and the building of a new bathroom on the main level of the church.
Following the resignation of Pastor Warren in March of 2005, Tim Dulaney resigned as Youth Pastor because of his upcoming wedding and subsequent move to Kalamazoo, MI. In April of 2005, Mark Kirkpatrick began to minister as the interim Pastor.  On Sunday November 6, 2005 Pastor Mark Kirkpatrick was extended the call of Senior Pastor.  He expressed the desire to accept as he felt led of the Lord to continue ministering at the church.  In July of 2006, the church held an ordination service for Pastor Mark Kirkpatrick.  Serving on the ordination council were Dr. Dan Dickerson, Pastor Tony Alexander, Rev. Larry Kirkpatrick, and the deacons of South Baptist Church, Reginald Russell, Dr. Mark Bash, and Frank Davenport. 
Today, Pastor Mark and his family continue to serve the wonderful family at South Baptist Church.  For over 100 years, the mission of South Baptist Church has been, “to bring glory to God, by making disciples both locally and throughout the world (Matthew 28:18-20; Mark 16:15; Luke 24:44-49; John 20:21; Acts 1:8).” And our prayer and most heart felt desire is to be faithful to this calling, as we follow those who have gone before us.  Many people have played important roles in supporting the church and holding it together through difficult times throughout the years, but it is not our desire to give any credit or applause for the long heritage of South Baptist Church to anyone but God alone.  Psalm 127:1 “Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it.”