Our mission at South Baptist Church is to bring glory to God as we make disciples in our community and around the world. While there are many descriptions we could give about our ministries or the style of our services, if you were to ask us “What is South Baptist Church all about?” the following 4 values would be at the top of our list.  Our vision is that by God’s grace we would be a people who “Worship God, Grow Together, Serve Others, and Go Boldly!”
Worship God

We believe that worship both privately and corporately, is the sacred obligation of every believer. Our desire is that we might give unto God in all areas of life, the glory and honor due unto His name.

Grow Together

We believe that discipleship is an intentional, observable process in which we will seek to strengthen one another in our lives and faith, through the study of God’s Word together.


Serve Others

We desire to see all of our members serving Christ and others, through the exercise of their spiritual gifts and a servant’s heart. Every member is encouraged to serve in at least one area.

Go Boldly

We believe that it is our calling to see the lost brought to faith in Jesus Christ. We will endeavor to do so by being bold in our witness for Christ each day and by the support, prayer and participation with mission work around the world.